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New York is an equitable distribution state. Each party in a divorce is entitled to an equitable share — not necessarily a 50-50 split—in property division. Arriving at an equitable distribution without dragging the matter out in expensive litigation requires an attorney who understands the law and can deftly negotiate a creative and realistic property settlement. Robert S. Lewis brings over three decades years of experience and the ability to fight for you if the other side really wants a courtroom battle.

The Law Offices of Robert S. Lewis , S.C. represents men and women in Rockland County, Orange County, and surrounding counties of the Lower Hudson Valley. We routinely handle complex issues in dividing marital estates, such as the following:

  • Enabling one party to stay in the marital residence;
  • Accurate business valuations;
  • Dividing the 401(k), IRAs, pensions and other retirement accounts;
  • Putting a value on a master’s degree, professional license or other enhanced earning capacity; and
  • Resolving alimony (is the recipient spouse living up to his or her maximum earning potential?).

Trade-Offs: Without Trading Away Your Interests

It’s just not workable to split your assets down the middle. Mr. Lewis is skilled at the give-and-take solutions that allow both parties to come away from a divorce satisfied. If the wife wants to keep the house, for instance, the home will have to be refinanced and the husband must be compensated for the equity. Perhaps she gives up her right to alimony, or the husband gets a bigger share of the retirement assets. There are many possible solutions — but you need a lawyer who knows how to make them happen and ensure you are not short-changed.

Litigation eats up your assets and creates more bad blood. A judge will only approve an equitable distribution, anyway. Contact an attorney who can protect your interests while pressing forward to a fair and efficient settlement — or keep the other side honest if your divorce ends up in court.

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