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Preserving Your Family’s Wealth

The Law Offices of Robert S. Lewis can advise you on the appropriate type of trust to accomplish your goals for protecting assets and preparing to pass them to the next generation. We use trusts to help clients minimize taxes, avoid probate, stipulate inheritance or plan for long-term care.

Estate planning lawyer Robert S. Lewis applies over 35 years of experience in guiding clients to sophisticated, individualized plans. Whether you have a sizeable estate subject to federal taxation or want to make the best use of limited assets, he knows the right trust for your purposes.

Trust Planning

An irrevocable trust holds assets outside your personal estate and disburses them to your heirs upon death without probate and without estate taxes. A life insurance trust is one option, especially if you do not have a lot of money now to set aside—you pay premiums to the trust and the designated beneficiary receives the proceeds of the policy. A revocable trust can be altered or revoked while you are alive, and you maintain access to the assets.

Our lawyer is familiar with specific types of trusts in both categories to accomplish your purposes, such as:

  • Avoiding taxes;
  • Gifting assets to family to qualify for Medicaid;
  • Asset protection from creditors and judgments;
  • Providing for a family member with special needs;
  • Providing for a favorite charity; and
  • Business succession.

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We can steer you to the right vehicle for your goals and properly establish the trust to avoid legal problems years down the road. Contact our Nyack, New York office at 845-358-7100 to arrange a free consultation. We serve clients throughout the Lower Hudson Valley.