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Rockland County prenuptial agreements lawyer

Protecting Assets in a Second Marriage

Whatever wealth you build together will be split fairly in the event of a divorce. But what you bring to the marriage will still belong to you — if properly protected. A well-drafted prenuptial agreement:

  • Protects the assets you worked hard to earn; or
  • Preserves inheritance rights for your children from a previous marriage. 

A prenuptial agreement makes the most sense (a) in second marriages or (b) when one party has considerable wealth and the other does not. It only preserves your present assets — it does not apply to property you acquire together once married. Any appreciation in value of your separately owned assets (a business, the house, stock investments) also becomes part of the equitable distribution in divorce, even with a prenuptial agreement.

Comprehensive Assessment

Attorney Robert S. Lewis conducts a complete evaluation of your assets and estate plan to determine if a prenuptial agreement is warranted. Your will, life insurance beneficiaries and other issues are all updated and reflected in the agreement as necessary to align asset protection with estate planning. He also ensures full disclosure of all assets to avoid later opportunities to “break” the premarital agreement.

Prenuptial Agreement Litigation

A properly drafted “prenup” usually holds up in divorce litigation. They can only be defeated if the spouse did not have legal representation before signing it (a statutory requirement), if it contains illegal provisions such as waiver of child support, or if assets were hidden.

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