Rockland County Paternity Attorney

Rockland County paternity lawyer

Establishing Paternity in the State of New York

A paternity test is a simple matter with important ramifications. Whether you are seeking to prove parentage or challenge such a claim, the Law Offices of Robert S. Lewis can protect your rights in the process and help you quickly determine where you stand. We represent the interests of men or women in paternity proceedings in Rockland County, Orange County and surrounding counties. 

The Paternity Test — Is He or Isn’t He?

If there is doubt about who is the father of a child, we can arrange a paternity test once the baby is born. Experienced lawyer Robert S. Lewis has represented all sides:

  • Mothers seeking to establish paternity to receive child support;
  • Men who want to prove they are not the father; and
  • Men seeking to assert their father’s rights to visitation.

After the Results Come Back

Once paternity is proven, the court will determine an appropriate level of child support based on an income formula. Establishing child custody rights (parenting time) is not automatic — we help demonstrate to the court that it is in the best interests of the child for the father to be involved. (We can also represent mothers who have a compelling reason to keep the father out of the picture.)

If You Thought the Child Was Yours

If you were led to believe you were the dad but now suspect you are not the biological father, contact Mr. Lewis immediately to find out where you stand. You are not automatically off the hook, even if a paternity test shows that another man is the father and even though the mother lied to you. Married or not, a court may say that you are legally responsible (paternity by estoppel) if you accepted the baby as yours and established a bond with the child.

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