Crafting Property Division Priorities for Your New York Divorce

Published On: June 22, 2023Categories: Divorce

Lawyer crafting property divisionsJust as no two marriages are exactly alike, no two divorces progress in exactly the same way. A couple’s divorce process reflects the interests of each spouse. As the state of New York honors an equitable distribution standard in the event of a litigated divorce, the concept of fairness to each spouse’s contributions to a marriage rests at the heart of most amicable and contentious cases alike.

Essentially, if a couple cannot reach mutually-agreeable divorce terms concerning property division – and child custody, if applicable – a New York family law judge will seek to reach a solution that is fair to both parties. As a result, if you are soon going to be navigating the divorce process in NY, it will be important for you to settle on your priorities so that your pursuit of a fair settlement focuses on the matters that are most consequential for you personally.

You Have More Power than You Might Realize

A fair divorce settlement could leave you with roughly half of the value of your marital estate and half of your child’s parenting time. But, if you do not clarify early in the process which assets and parenting plan terms are most important to you, you might end up with a divorce agreement that is technically fair but is far from what you had hoped to benefit from as a result of your divorce process.

Say, for instance, that you want to retain ownership of your marital home. By keeping your focus on that priority, you can potentially negotiate or litigate a resolution that allows you to achieve that goal, even if it means giving up your interest in other assets that are less meaningful to you. Ultimately, only you can know which assets and child custody terms are worth fighting for and which may be worth compromising. In this regard, you hold tremendous power when it comes to the direction and resolution of your divorce case.

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Whether you are already confident in your priorities and you need guidance concerning how to execute them effectively or you are unsure of what issues you should be focusing on in order to lay a strong foundation for your future, seeking assistance from a skilled Rockland County, NY divorce lawyer at Law Offices of Robert S. Lewis, P.C. can help you to refine and begin pursuing your goals in earnest.

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