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Rockland County family law attorney legal separation

Most couples who find themselves on the road to divorce briefly think about the idea of separation before actually going through with the filing process. The motivators for exploring this option can stem from a multitude of factors; money, for example, is usually a big factor. Research shows that divorced couples typically experience greater financial hardship after divorcing than the money struggles they experience during their marriage. Some people simply stay married and first attempt separation because it is financially detrimental to both parties to legally dissolve the marriage.

Candidates for Separation

Psychology experts indicate that a majority of couples who choose to try separation do so because deep down they do not wish to divorce. While money and other circumstances may be contributing factors to a couple’s decision to take time apart, a number of people separate to see what space can do for their marriage and to see if the break can potentially salvage the relationship.


Hudson Valley Area property division equitable distribution

Divorce proceedings are typically complex regardless of you and your spouse’s relationship. Reviewing your marital assets, considering your role as a parent, and determining how much spousal support is necessary can force you to imagine the inevitable future ahead of you. For those who have fond memories of their marriage, this process can bring up feelings of nostalgia that make it difficult to move forward. For those who had a rocky relationship, especially those with domestic violence in their past, looking back on their marriage can bring the angst from this past trauma back to the surface.

Whether it was a one-time occurrence or pattern of abuse, domestic violence can greatly impact the results of your divorce proceedings. In the past, these actions of abuse typically affected parenting plans the most. Parents with a history of domestic violence may be required to have supervised visitation of their children if they received any rights to their children at all. This past month, the state of New York expanded the impact that domestic violence has on divorce proceedings by incorporating evidence of these actions into the asset division process.


Hudson Valley area prenuptial agreement attorney

The phrase “half of all marriages end in divorce” leaves the chances of your marriage’s success equal to the flipping of a coin. For some couples, this statistic can convince them to avoid marriage at all costs, while others may turn to alternative means to protect themselves in the instance that they become a part of this statistic. In some cases, there may be no surefire way to avoid divorce, as even the most perfect-looking couples from the start can find their marriage coming to an end. However, creating a prenuptial agreement (prenup) can keep you and your spouse from a disastrous divorce. A prenup allows you to outline how you want things handled in the instance of divorce, including asset division and spousal maintenance estimates. While this document can remove the legal burden that a divorce can bring, minor mistakes in your prenup can set you back to square one.

Reasons for Invalidity

As couples sign the dotted line on their prenuptial agreement, they may feel a huge sense of relief. Even if divorce is in their future, they have things covered to avoid the messy proceedings they have heard about on television or from close friends. Some couples, unfortunately, may realize that their prenup is invalid when they look at it after deciding that divorce is their next step. To avoid this happening to you and your partner, note that the following details can make your prenup invalid in a New York court of law:

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